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Friendly Rants

In this episode, we are talking about our recent experiences with chargers, giving our views on the cars that are going to be coming out in 2020. Few friendly rants, but it's all in good sprit.

Always, Be, Charging

First of hopefully many more episodes about charging. Starting in this episode with the overview of charging infrastructure and summary of my thoughts about charging businesses in the UK.

The future of grid and EV adoption

We hear everyday that once we all get an EV, the lights will flicker, grid will fail and it's all doom and gloom. Well, I spoke to someone involved in ensuring this won't happen.

The EV Charging Oasis

In Today's episode, we feature an interview with Lewis from the EV Experience Centre in Milton Keynes.

Charging, Electrical Grid and Vehicle to Grid

We are talking about energy generation, vehicle to grid and more grid friendly ways to owning electric car. Both in terms of consumption but also helping the grid to balance itself. Featuring Mr PlugSeeker

Kate and James

This week I'm speaking to Kate and James of YouTube fame. We talked about how they got into EVs, maintenance of EVs. How to do it yourself, if you’re so inclined. Kate spoke about her take on Model 3 exterior and practicalities and we talked about engineering of EVs.

Phil's new car, trip report and look into the future

Phil is back, with new car. Refreshing look from an EV driver's perspective on PHEVs, practical sides, upsides and downsides. We talk about batteries, future, and what we think is going on currently on the market.  Model 3 is out, but we will reserve that chat till next episode.  keywords: PHEV, car, cars, electric cars, tesla, nissan leaf, outlander, mitsubishi, EV, electric vehicle, model Y, model 3, future, batteries, AI, electric highway

5: Guest star Kiwi EV!

Today's podcast features an interview with all around funny and amazing Gavin Shoebridge AKA Kiwi EV. Enjoy! @kiwiEV @takeItEV

Hybrids, the history and .. the future?

Gregg is briefly walking us through the history of hybrid vehicles. Are they the future? We don't we see all new cars sold Today to be hybrids? Where are the plugs? Is self-charging the new great magic technology we are al waiting for? This and more in this episode! Apologies for the sound, I did recently have a cold. And yes, I am working on talking even slower.  As always. Take it EV. @takeitev on Twitters.

3: Test Driving EVs, Moving house, upcoming cars and more

New Episode! Phil moved house, Gregg test drives Nissan Leaf 40kWh and more.  As always - thank you for listening.  Please subscribe to get the future episodes as soon as they come out.  For all questions, suggestions etc please go to Or Thanks!

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